Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been following Jon for several years and his topics are exactly what his website is "NO MORE FAKE NEWS"

Jon Keep up the great news. People all over the planet should now WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING.

MAY 9, 2009. My new FREE telephone seminar, THE SHAPE OF THE NEW PLANET, will take place on Wednesday May 20, at 6:30PM Pacific Time.

To sign up, just click on the “Jon Rappoport Free Seminars” banner. If you’re reading this as an email and the banner didn’t come through in your email, go to my site, and you’ll see it.

The live seminar is free. If you don’t attend the call and want the mp3, you’ll have to pay for it.

In this seminar, I’ll lay out the guiding principles and assumptions of the old planet, the one that has existed up until now. I’ll paint a picture of what the new planet could look like, if enough people change their assumptions.

One of the best sources on old and new planet is Buckminster Fuller. He spent much of his life delineating the differences. Bucky was the best kind of radical thinker. He didn’t let cynicism stand in his way. He didn’t try to figure out what “limited choices” were available to the human race. He just jumped in with both feet. He worked from an innate faith in human possibilities.

Bucky also saw where certain trends were taking us, and how we could use those trends to re-frame the whole human condition.

There are two major forces that need to be considered in any vision of the future. One: what capabilities the human race has developed that can be turned to good use for the whole population of Earth. And two: how to protect the freedom and power of the individual along the way.

These are not easy questions. But approaching them head on offers the chance of a dialogue on where we are going in the next ten, 20, 50, 100 years.

In the seminar, I will approach these questions directly. I hope you’ll be there. And I hope you’ll invite your friends to be there, too.

In one part of our minds, we think “a vision of the future” is a useless fantasy. But in another part, we all want to realize a vision. It’s this second part I’m interested in and will address in the seminar.


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